Below is a list of our services. For definitions and additional information on each service, hover over and/or click the next to each service.

Physical Property Management

Full Owners’ Association Asset Management All Physical Property Management for owners' association(s) in question and all its / their associated Financial and Association / Company Entity Management options below.
Owners’ Association Physical Property Management COA / CPOA, HOA, PUD, Condo, and Master Association common area management and requested Financial and Association / Entity Management Services below.
Area, Element & Pieces Management Includes but is not limited to common areas, parking structures, landscaping, sidewalks, asphalt/pavement, HVAC Units & associated systems, Fire/Life/Safety (FLS) systems and panels, etc.
Pre-Construction, Construction & Post-Construction Management Advisement and Management for Declarants / Developers developing new commercial or residential subdivisions and condos or doing office condo, industrial condo, or apartment to HOA condo conversions. Also oversight and management on Tenant Improvements (TI / T.I.) for individual association owners or their tenants on behalf of the Association's Board of Directors (Board), owners, and landlords.
Stressed Real Estate Acquisition, Refurbishment, and Exit Advisement For banks, owners/landlords who need an evaluation of and work completed to exit/sell or to improve cash-flow and reduce liability.

Physical Management of all properties always includes ongoing inspections, finding potential liability areas, risk management, and mitigation advice.

Financial Management

Accounting / Bookkeeping & Associated Admin Services Prompt, precise, and comprehensive monthly and/or quarterly financial statements packets, mail collection, bill payments, and associated services.
Budgets Review, Analysis, Preparation & Management Extensive forensic inspection of current Operating and Capital Reserve Budgets followed by enhanced, specialized, recommended, and redrafted Operating and Reserve Budgets. Complex budgets including multiple cost pools are easy.
Assessment Dues Invoicing & Collection Monthly or quarterly invoicing to all association members/owners for association assessment dues.
Vendor Management Find, obtain, evaluate, and negotiate all vendor and contractor proposals/bids, contracts, and payments. (includes finding General Contractors for breaking ground to finished product construction and legal services for delinquent association dues and rents).
Association and Entity Property & Entity Taxes Management Review, Track and Pay Property & Entity Taxes including verifying if owners' association has property taxes to pay and pay as applicable based on the type of association and governing documents.
Association & Company Credit Accumulation Find, evaluate, secure, grow, and manage business credit for the owners' association or applicable client entity.
Condo, PUD & Master Owners’ Association Loans Provide, or have provided, loans for the association and loans for those businesses and/or owners buying into a condo, PUD, and Master Owners' Associations.

Association & Company Entity Management

Governing Documents Review, Evaluation, Input & Enforcement Business consulting, thorough governing documents review, advisement, and management. (includes reinstatement/overhaul as applicable) for optimal operating proficiency, cost reduction, and expense containment).
Member & Board Meetings Process Completion Prepare, organize, call, run, keep and log Minutes, and follow up on tasks for all Member and Board of Directors annual, special and other meetings (for all Board Members, Officers, and Owners).
Association, Entity & Members’ Insurance Evaluation & Guidance Assess overall insurance package, carriers and types then provide (or have provided), appropriate General Liability, Property and Fire, Directors and Officers (D&O), Fidelity Bond/Theft, and Worker's Compensation (Work Comp) carriers and policies as applicable for the association. Assess insurance for individual members (as applicable) as part of the wealth management package (for those members who choose it).
Legal Collections & Advice Provide, or have provided, attorneys for legal advice on delinquent association dues, governing documents reinstatements or reissuing, internal and external dispute resolution and other internal, and external legal matters.
Owners’ Association & Company Start-Up Oversight Coordination, setup, tying together and management of all governing documents including Articles of Incorporation, Federal and State's required Statutes Paperwork, CC&Rs, Bylaws, Condo Plans, Parcel Maps, various Rules and Regulations, Design Guidelines, Tenant Improvement (TI) Construction Guidelines, Sign Criteria, Easement Agreements, tenant agreements (for condo owner landlords) and other governing documents.
Association & Entity Due Diligence & Compliance Review Review of the federal and state statutes and other paperwork, various governing documents, taxes, budgets, and associated corporate filings, forms, and procedures for recommendations on bureaucratic state statutes' adherence, corporate compliance, liability reduction, and cost savings.

Wealth Management

Association & Company Funds Investment Management Invest, or have invested, the association or business entity's funds as appropriate and according to applicable laws, statutes, and governing documents.
Comprehensive Owners’ Association Individual Member Wealth Management Invest, or have invested, then manage the individual owners' associations' members' collective assets to make sure each owner's liability is managed properly with insurance, their collective wealth grows across all asset classes including real estate and securities and so they can take full advantage of being an owners' association member.