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Full Service Asset Management

Business and Real Estate Management (BRE Mgt) is an all-inclusive, comprehensive, full service, boutique asset management firm. We’re dedicated to evaluating, tying together, and managing many asset types across multiple industries and sectors for maximum profit, cash-flow, savings, cost-benefits, risk reduction, and tax benefits for overall immediate and long-term wealth management for our clients and/or their businesses in Owners’ Associations.

Physical Property Management

Financial Management

Owners’ Association & Entity Management

Owners’ Association Member Wealth Management

Our Clients

Our primary clients consist of those businesses and/or individuals who are somehow involved in Commercial Master Planned Community Associations (Master Associations), Commercial Planned Unit Developments (PUD), Industrial Condominiums (Condos), Office Condos, Medical Office Condos, and similar Commercial Owners’ Associations. Those who normally seek our services are those businesses or individuals that: 1) Own; 2) are about to buy into; 3) are preparing to sell out of and/or; 4) govern on a Board of Directors for Commercial Owners’ Associations (COA) / Commercial Property Owners’ Associations (CPOA) and on occasion Homeowners’ Associations (HOA), along with similar Common Interest Developments (CID).